Store and age with IWCB, for a fixed terms, the wines that you have purchased with your cryptos.

This is the best way to wait for either the best market price to trade in them or the right maturation stage to enjoy them.

At the same time you will be entitled to receive the unique CRYPTO+WINE reward, which is up to the 50% of any increase in value of the cryptocurrency that you used to purchase the wine.

The increase of value (if any) is calculated at the end of the 15th  day (GST) before the expiration of the agreed storage term and it is given by the difference between this day value and that of the moment in which the purchase was made.

In presence on an increase in the value of the cryptocurrency, and upon a communication from IWCB,  you have the right to pick wines from the IWCB for the amount accrued with the increase.

During the storage fixed term with IWCB you still have the right to enjoy your wine at any stage and have it shipped to any destination you chose. In such a case however, you will lose the benefits of the reward.

If by any chance you will sell the wine during the fixed term, through IWCB, you will be entitled to the reward, if accrued, in any case.

IWCB will store your wine in its insured, guarded warehouses, in appropriate conditions, either in Italy or abroad.

When the wine you have purchased is left in IWCB custody you are in any case the sole proprietor of the wine as well as the only beneficiary of the insurance policy covering it.

Available insurance policy covers the cost that you have paid for the wine and any increase of its market price (applicable only for a one year term)

The costs of insurance and storage of your wine are borne by IWCB up to one  year.