Buy investment-grade, fine wines, using exclusively cryptocurrencies. We accept over 20 cryptocurrencies as well as our IWB token.

Diversify your investments in cryptos, reducing their volatility, with exceptional wines that will increase their qualities with time and have a track record of solid returns alongside stability.

Your purchase will go even longer if you age the purchased wine in IWCB storage. You will be eligible to receive the bonus CRYPTO+WINE, that is, up to 50% of the increase in value of the cryptocurrency used to purchase the wine.

The wine will be stored in appropriate secured warehouses and insured in your name with a comprehensive insurance (with various policies available)


1. Select the wines

Start selecting the wines you wish to purchase. Use the search engine to find your favorites. Prices do not include delivery and customs costs, which are calculated when you indicate your shipping destination.


You will find here all the relevant information about the wines and IWCB recommendations. Click Add to the Cart.


3. Check the cart

4. The checkout

  1. Select your Purchase Option (that is wine shipped to you or left in IWCB storage for a fixed term)
  2. Fill in the required details
  3. Choose the payment method
  4. Accept the Terms & Conditions
  5. Proceed to payment

5. Proceed to payment

If you choose to pay with cryptos:

  1. Select the crypto you prefer from the list
  2. Click on Pay button
  3. You will be connected with Coingate and just follow the prompts

If you choose to redeem IWB tokens

  1. Select Redeem your IWB tokens
  2. Choose your wallet
  3. Follow the prompts


  • The purchase of wines and other products is reserved to the members of the IWCB Privilege Club
  • A minimum order is required at the first purchase, the equivalent in crypto of USD 3,500. There are no minimum orders required after the first purchase.
  • With the first purchase you will become an IWCB Account Holder and will gain access to the IWCB Privilege Club.


After the first purchase, as a Member of the IWCB Privilege Club you will enjoy the following exclusive benefits:

    • Select and buy wine from IWCB portfolio as a privileged, priority customer
    • Right to age the purchased wine in IWBC storage, in appropriate secured warehouse and insured with various policies available.
    • Free insurance and storage up to 1 year.
    • Right to receive the bonus CRYPTO+WINE, that is, up to 50% of the increase in value of the cryptocurrency used to purchase the wine. How it works
    • Personalized dashboard in the IWCB portal
    • Free access to all the privileged information sources of the IWCB
    • Personalized notifications/alerts on wines on sale and special offers
    • Free participation in the auctions, discounted fees and commissions for internal wine exchanges.


Wine is a tangible asset that you can physically enjoy and does not correlate directly with financial (or cryptocurrency) markets. In this sense it represents money, it’s not just a beverage, and is attractive also for not drinkers.  During the Covid-19 pandemic Liv-ex fine wine indices have maintained stable growth from Q2 2020. The Liv-ex 100 has seen 6.3% growth in the 12 months to 31st January 2021 compared to the FTSE 100’s -11.7% loss and over five years the Liv-ex has increased 33.2% and the FTSE 5.7%.

Either you are a cryptocurrency holder or a fine wine aficionado, lover or collector, IWCB has a remunerative solution for you.

If you are a cryptocurrency holder

Purchasing fine, investment grade, wines from the IWCB with cryptos provides an effective diversification, which mitigates risk and reduces levels of volatility of the holding cryptos. In addition, wine is a tax-free asset that performs consistently while providing portfolio protection in a way that traditional financial assets fail to offer.

We have exceptional deals for crypto holders, even if they are not wine lovers. Investing in fine wine is not simple of course, including when the investment is paid with cryptos. Account Holders have the option of leaving the evaluation of quality, provenance, scores, demand and aging potentialities of the purchasable wines to the IWCB. With the guarantees that each wine in its portfolio has been selected because it scored high in the application of its algorithm

If you are wine lover, collector or investor

You are surely appreciative of wine and possess sound knowledge of it, but perhaps you are not a crypto literate, let alone holder. We are here to assist you. You will reap highly remunerative benefits, unattainable under the traditional wine businesses as the bonuses that IWCB reserves to all its Account Holders for their purchases in crypto


Once you have bought the wine you are prompted to decide what you wish to do with it.


  1. When you are in CHECK OUT go to the PURCHASE OPTIONS and select SHIP ME THE WINE NOW
  2. Fill in the details in SHIPPING ADDRESS if it is different from the BILLING ADDRESS
  3. Proceed to Payment
  4. Expect an email from us with the quotation for the shipping and customs costs that change accordingly to the country of the Order.

Please note that you are the only owner of the purchased wines as soon as you made the payment. We can organise for you the shipping of the wine (including its custom clearance and insurance) for the fee included in the above-mentioned quotation. However, you are most welcome to organize the shipping by yourself, with your agents, and we will keen to co-operate with them.

Our shipping costs in broad terms are in line with the market, you can check this provider to have a preliminary idea.


IWCB Privilege Club members / Account Holders are encouraged to store and age the wine they purchased, for fixed terms, in IWCB insures guarded warehouses, in appropriate conditions, either in Italy or abroad.

Members who leave their wine in IWCB storage have the sole property of the wine and are also the only beneficiary of the insurance policy covering it. The costs of the insurance and storing are borne by IWCB up to one year.

In this way they wait for either the best market price to trade in them or the right maturation to drink it.  At the same time though they are entitled to the unique IWCB's CRYPTO+WINE bonus,

The CRYPTO+WINE bonus entitles Members to receive up to the 50% of any increase in value of the cryptocurrency they used to purchase the wine. A the end of the storage term, they have the right to pick wines from the IWCB Cellar for the amount matured with the increase. See the options, the terms and the conditions here.

How you can select the lenght of your deposit:

  1. When you are in CHECK OUT go to the PURCHASE OPTIONS and select the fixed term that you prefer.
  2. For more information click here and make sure that you read the Terms and Conditions
  3. Proceed to Payment


  • Go to “My Account”
  • Select the order that you had previously out in IWCB fixed term storage
  • Click “Cancel Storage”
  • You will be immediately contacted to organize the shipping.
  • Please note that with the cancelation before the end of the fixed term storage you will lose the benefits of the Crypto+Wine bonus.